Intro: Musings of a therapist

As a psychotherapist and counsellor I am pulled daily into the weird and wonderful lives of others which leaves me with quite a unique view of the world. Add this to my own curiosities, daydreams and musings on my place in this crazy world, by the end of any given day my head is so crammed full of thoughts, ideas, rages and inspirations that I figured I should write some of it down.

This may just be me talking into a void, but I also think that some of the things I have to say could inspire or motivate others, make them angry, make them think, or just feel less alone. It’s my way of reaching out into the world in an attempt to find resonance with others, rather than just staying in my head. A blog as a therapist’s therapist.

I’ll opine on all sorts of subjects – themes from my patients, current events from politics to tv shows and beyond. Join me on this journey of the weird and wonderful.

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